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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Oh nice! Have you had any experience brewing before? I've read a book and some articles about it, but I've never invested the money into getting all the necessaries. Details!

Actually bought a small starter kit with a malt extract. The kit allowed me to understand the fundamentals of temperature, cleanliness, carbonation, and the time involved with home brewing. It also provided information on different types of hops, different beers and how they ferment, and just gets you down right involved with the chemistry behind it all. Sort of like a kid set for the beginning brewer. The pale ale wort extract is already made, so the task of actually dealing with the barley, hops, and other ingredients is done for you.

However, around the next couple of weeks I'm heading to a home brew store. I'm going to pick up some yeast, hops, and other ingredients to make my own wort for an ale. I have a farmer whom is giving me a fresh 5lb bag of wheat(barley) within the next two weeks, which will approximately provide ample malt for two gallons of ale. So I'll Malt ->Wart->Ferment, each step listed contains multiple tasks, which can be time consuming.

I'm sticking with Ales at the moment because lagers are harder to maintain. Lagers need a lot more attention during fermentation especially temperature wise and take longer to ferment, has a lot to do with ingredients and the way the yeast works(Ales - yeast is top fermenting and works faster because of warmer fermentation temperatures, Lager - yeast is bottom fermenting and works slower due to colder fermenting temperatures. Since I'm starting out I'd rather wait a shorter period of time to see if I've screwed up or not, and it will come out a little cheaper of a screw up. I could tell when I was bottling/carbonating my batch a few weeks ago that I hadn't screwed up and no bacteria had gotten into the mix, and that was by the smell alone. It smelled so fresh coming out the tab, I could have took a drink then.

The starter kits are cool, a highly recommended buy you can keep reusing the equipment as well which is nice for a few test runs until you decide its for you and then you can make a decision to upgrade.

If I find in the next month or so things turn out well for this batch, I'll be please to send anyone a bottle in the mail.

By the way I finally got to try my brew today and it was great.
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