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I asked one of my friends about necrophagist, he said it was pretty good. I'll listen to each songs before saying anything. As for the dynamics, I understand what you mean with the example of Tool (my favorite band). I played in an orchestra for 7 years and the changes of tempi's are pretty slow in classical music than in Metal. I have to say that metal is maybe more on the experimental side for the ''style'', especially for progressive metal. I believe that the tempi's should still depend of the could create more vast music or new stuff. I never thought of that being universally suited though, but like I said, it would still depend on what you want to create. If you're saying Necrophagist has a sort of medium volumed section in their song (maybe more like an interlude I guess) I shall put more attention in my listening . And thanks for the compliment I got it off youtube, I don't know where it comes from, but I thought that it was fitting with my username haha! ^^
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