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There are two things widely used in classical music that is really absent in metal - and when you do see it, it makes such a huge difference it's not funny: dynamics and tempo.

Dynamics I have only heard really from bands like Neurosis and Tool, while we are on the experimental bands subject (black metal and death metal of course have their own explanation for the absence.)

But tempo changes should be universally suited. You of course hear a lot of half times, but you don't hear a lot of accel/decel and metric modulation (for example, when the eighth notes in 6/8 become the eight notes in 4/4 the following bar).

Necrophagist has a piece called Ignominious And Pale which is a very cool example of a medium volume middle section that slowly speeds up back to the very fast original tempo of the song. It's really incredible - definitely check out this piece.

By the way your avatar rules, where is it from?
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