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I've always been a Sabian guy - best value and sound in my opinion and really beautiful cymbals that reward you for keeping them clean.

I have never liked Zildjian really although I agree they have some unique sounding highhats. There was a pair at my high school when I was attending. I would never use them for metal or anything - they had this hiphop sound that didnt appeal to me, but certainly unique.

I love Paiste from the recordings I have heard and played a few, they are just so expensive it seems!

They did a few weird things over the years that caught my eye too - like the Visions line with the black cymbals - very weird, but cool!

Pretty cool unique Paiste cymbal i found looking for the visions:

Of course I am too in love with the aesthetic of bronze and would prefer "normal" looking cymbals but still cool stuff.

Anyway some favorites:

Paistes' 22" Power Bell Ride is an incredible piece of bronze.
Sabian 20" AAX Metal Ride - very reasonably priced cymbal, very thick and nice high pitch while retaining warmth
Sabian 20" HH Raw Bell Dry ride - very unique and bad ass cymbal for metal - Ride's are all about the bells for me and the Sabians really ring incredibly.

I really love 13" hats too - way tighter and cleaner sound that 14"'s and feel very good to play, much more control in my opinion.

Danny Carey uses Paiste Signature Sound Edge Hi-Hats which are 13" are the best hats in the world as far as I'm concerned.
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