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Well our grandparents never talked about the actual rituals or sodomy, so that was made up haha, and it wasn't a guillotine but gallows(A kid around 10 or so was hung for witchcraft). Everything else was for the most part in there or was a small detail we might have embellished a little bit. All that said, I've tried searching for actual evidence and can never come up with anything. There are no references to the boy that was hung or the massive amount of death in the area by spontaneous combustion. I'm pretty sure they made the story up to scare us away from playing in the woods but we were boys so we looked for the stuff instead haha. The only reason I feel they may have some credibility are the dates, they were always insistent on those and the latter part was during the civil war so it would be easy to chalk up a group of mass deaths anywhere as just casualties of war. Either way, it was a story we all enjoyed enough to inspire an album. Glad you liked the story, and I fully understand about the music part haha.
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