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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Paddy didn't get make a bday thread? Whoa.
Hold Ctrl, then tap Enter twice, then FUCK OFF, then release Ctrl, then tap Enter once more, then die of cancer. It's a cheat code for life! If you do this you'll get infinite bullion! Just make sure to die of cancer, otherwise a different cheat will be activated which makes the world realise what a talentless cunt you are, but I'm guessing you might have already tried that particular code before, because I know only too well what a useless puddle of steaming cat piss Dylan McIrishface is.

Originally Posted by L,B'XXX
Paddy can't read. He's Irish.
I can read just fine, but I'm not good with accents like what you's has. It's like a wall of white noise, along with the sound of a hick trying to figure out who that guy is staring him out from within his mirror.

Wolfie, what did you get up to for your birthday? Hopefully your elbow! LOL!!!!!!!1
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