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In Darkness Reborn

OK 10x o lot for your opinions! I won't write that kind of soap opera shit ever! Danke!
Here's another one. Waiting for your commets!

In Darkness Reborn

It's like the pain in you
Has wandered sa far away
From cold winter nights
Following a dead dream.

I was sentenced to die
Crowned on a throne a fire
That was my last wish
To ride along with my past

War in my head. War is all I see.
Leading the forces of Darkness
Cover the white battle fields
With blood and gore.

I thought I could hear it loud
The Wolf's howl announcing Death
Sredding my mind. I was now
Riding through the Endless.

As lying in white,
The sky fell down,
My past has died,
As Darkness was reborn.

We're riding splitting the ice
Carried by our dreams of the End
Our glory shall unite us
We're faster than Death.

Like an arrow we make our way
Whatever stands in front
Shall become wrath to our gods
And burried deep in pain.

Unleashing my demons' lust
I was finaly free of it all
I couldn't feel nor pleasure or pain
Regaining my crown.
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