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Originally Posted by The Execrator
Tried a bottle of Delirium Tremens two days ago. Not a fan! Sam told me it was better than Duvel so I bought it with high expectations, but i'd give it a 7/10, and that is being generous. I chilled the bottle for about 30 minutes in the beginning and left it in room temp as I drank the whole bottle, hoping to see a range of different flavors as it warmed up... I honestly liked it best at its coldest/most carbonated point.

I'll stick to Chimay blue or just a Duvel next time

Hmm, there is a chance you had a bad bottle, but who knows. Not everyone likes the same shit. I think DT is pretty tasty, but I think I like Chimay Blue a lot more. Try and find some St. Bernardus Abt 12. That stuff is awesome! Very comparable to Chimay Blue.
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