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I voted for the following:

Amadeus: I've always wanted to sodomise Varg Vikernes, but I'll settle for his much more attractive sister instead.

Chris Rezendes: I've always wanted a threesome with Mr. T and Ricky Martin, but I'll settle for...well, you get the idea.

drawn&quartered: I didn't realise how fucking pretty you are until I started searching for pics of you. Plus you were already in my good books

Dyldo: I voted for Dylan because I've often wondered what it'd be like to fuck an educationally subnormal gender non-specific with a clef palate and a penchant for dog cum.

Gomli: Just look at the fuckin' guy. Who wouldn't wanna be eaten alive by him?

PST 88: I think PST is quite attractive, in all seriousness. He would cook for you, he'd engage you in intellectual conversation, he looks like Sage Francis [allegedly] and being his bitch would ensure that you and your family would survive the Goyim Holocaust he and his ilk have been planning for centuries.

I didn't vote for JoeYngVai because I didn't really care for Mystic River and felt he was a bit hackneyed in it. John is a Merseyside faggot, and thus is excluded from my selection process by default. Requiem would just split me in two, and I want to live to fuck another day.
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