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Originally Posted by Amadeus
I've only just come to terms with the fact that if you type in the first part of the Swedish work användarmanual (user's manual) in Google you get to använda (use/used) and then it suggests used panties. Yep, second place.

I know someone who totally isn't me that runs one of the biggest distributors of customizable used panties and underwear in the United States. He basically employs a few hundred women and men to wear a customer-picked pair of panties from anywhere between 1 - 30 days straight, depending on the price paid, model (if chosen, as its a pricier option instead of the "anonymous" model feature) and time specified. His company is one of the most successful in this business because of the awesome prices and high product quality. However, it can also get quite costly when it gets around the 30 day mark as it requires the employee to not wash their genital areas for the amount of time requested and, as I'm sure you can all imagine, most people don't like to not shower for such a long time. As mentioned above, you have the option to choose the model that you'd like to wear the panties. You can select the model from his extensive employee catalog that offers pictures, weight, height, age, sexual activity, physical activity, and even diet. This adds a completely new dimension to what you can order besides the panty type, color, size, etc.

He also sells what he calls "The Cake". If you don't want the panties for whatever reason, or just want the more "concentrated" product, you can have the 30 day crusty panty remnants scrapped off from the fabric (which is also soaked and wrung) and put inside a little perfume jar which you can then use to spray on anything you like. Its under his "Let Them Smell Cake!" product line.

His newest line of product is his "Winning Streak" underwear line (a tacky marketing name with the Sheen reference, I think, but hey, whatever sells). This is something I've been paid to do myself, actually! Basically, I wore a tight pair of white (usually Fruit of the Loom, cotton) underwear for a few days while only doing a very minimal amount of wiping so that you get those lovely brown streaks running up and down the backside. The customer also requested that I run 2.5 miles each day so that was interesting (and lucrative!). I had no intention of getting involved in this but as a joke he put my picture up on his site as one of the models you could commission to wear the underwear and I was picked a few times! They were all uncomfortable 5 days but it paid for this computer I am typing to you on.
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