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Originally Posted by xgrafcorex
Well I didn't mean it like that. I meant, if you are going to avoid working with a won't matter either way really.

Yea, I've thought exactly that before. Seeing my guys not get roped up in some of the crap we get caught up in. Then again, I'm also not mustered up for every working party or crawling through the bildges wiping up oil.

There's a different set of problems for every rank. A lot of DIVOs think it will be great to be at Dept Hd and have division officers to push around..but they deal with all kinds of crap we don't have to worry about as much.

In other news, I got orders! Heading out to Yokosuka, Japan to be the Training Officer on another DDG (82). Won't be out there until August though, so hopefully things have gotten better over there by then. The area I'll be living in didn't get messed up very much at all really. Most of the real damage was much further north.

Japan! Cool, thats where my old ship is stationed now, CVN 73, the G Dub. I always wanted to visit Japan.
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