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Originally Posted by Amadeus
Hm, well, then at least it might be worth persevering and see if that helps. I was slowly beginning to suspect that I fucked up some nerve last time.

I know what you mean. I did have nerve damage that made my whole right hand very weak and numb last year. I couldn't feel the strings or hold a pick tight enough. Very scary event really. I thought it was in my wrist ( I broke a carpel bone years ago ) but the hospital found it was in my elbow. I was given an elbow pad and it actually fixed the problem in a few weeks. No surgery unlike was first thought, unless it comes back. Swelling will pinch a nerve in joints so don't rehab to fast. The nerve and muscle will normally survive and get better slowly over time. I'm 100% now but my left hand had to also rebuild strength after I couldn't play for several weeks and it felt just like you describe.

I hope your hand gets better soon but don't be afraid to talk to a doctor. Try to avoid carpel bone surgery on a hand though. I learned it will relieve pain but fuck dexterity forever.
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