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Why not resurrect an actual old music talk thread, just for shits and giggles. Anyhows.

I've hurt my left hand and/or wrist on three separate occasions during the last year or so, last time was about a month ago. Bad enough to wrap it up in a bandage. And now these last few weeks I've noticed that the, watcha'call it, the meaty part between the thumb and the hand tense up like a bitch when playing guitar, especially when I do barre chords. It relaxes a few minutes or so after I stop playing, but it's annoying as hell. It's kind of like what I experienced when I first learned barre chords. So yea, just curious if anyone here has experienced something similar and perhaps have some advice on what could help? Like, could it help if I was careful to hold my wrist at a certain angle or whatever?
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