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Over the years I've grown a personal liking to Sabian cymbals, but I really am open to cymbals from any company. There really is no reason to only sport one brand cymbals unless you are endorsing a company. I've currently got Meinl hi-hats, a Paiste China and Ride, and Sabian crashes, ride, and chinas. I used a pair of Zildjian hi-hats for years and an A Sweet Ride for about 3 years. Every company really does offer something unique and special, definitely take advantage of anything you can get your hands on!

Though with that being said, the Meinl company really does have some exciting products coming out and I'm very impressed by some of their new cymbals. One of my Sabian crashes started cracking recently and I'm really thinking about looking into some Meinl crashes.

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