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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Your makeshift solution stop working?
Chicken bones only hold for so long.

Originally Posted by Dyldo
I don't know, but if I was you...'d have a massive cock, lots of sex appeal and enough talent to plug up the Grand Canyon. Get over it!

Originally Posted by Dyldo
...I'd call the guitar manufacturer and see what kind they use and maybe if you could even buy some off them, or, if not, get the specs.
The guitar is a cheap piece of shit, a Boston, I think it cost the original owner about 20 or 30 (he bought it wanting to learn guitar, got bored after a week and just gave it to me haha, awesome).

If anyone has any spare ones laying around mail them to me and I'll mail you something in return. PM me if you're interested, I know you are.

EDIT: nevermind, I just took a chance and ordered some from eBay. 2 quid for 12 bridge pins, big spender!

EDIT #2: they worked fine
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