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Originally Posted by BassBehemoth
And Chris, are you still huge or what?! I want new pics damnit!

I've been fighting to get back in shape for a while and having some success. My body tends to go catabolic every winter, so all I can do is fight against it. Last summer I dropped a lot of fat and put on a little muscle, over the winter I did a very good job of not losing too much muscle or putting on too much fat, and the past month I've been burning fat and putting muscle back on. As long as the progress continues, I should be in pretty good shape again by the middle or end of the summer. At the start of the fall semester, I'll be back in the gym much more seriously. Until then, just some simple stuff with my free weights and treadmill at home.

BTW, great celebration pic. I spent about an hour tonight talking to this girl on facebook about starting up a religion that bans underwear. I convinced her to join, but only after offering a free pencil (w/church's logo stenciled on) and some tupperware.
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