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Originally Posted by JMaynard
Thank you for the info about the proco and about ditching the pedals for the ss140-c Also could you tell me the diffrence between the blueline and just the a regular ss140-C ? mine is just the regular black and white head. When this was given to me I wasnt really sure what to make of It, I knew It was Ampeg but never knew about Its history?

no difference between blue and black in the circuit. They just look different cosmetically. Blue was the older version if i remember correctly.

If you want to hear more ss-140-c in action, listen to Cannibal Corpse's The Bleeding, or any old Dying Fetus.

Lots of bands use the vh140-c, ss140-c and crate GX130-c, which are all pretty much the same amp with tiny tweaks between them.

also, if you want the most out of the vox AC30, see if yo ucan get some blue alnico speakers. Celestion blues are way expensive, lots of people say Weber Blue Dogs are a good replacement.
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