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Originally Posted by JMaynard
What do you use as a main Distortion pedal?
Im sure as you know there are Squillions of Distortions pedals
I sometimes use my amp distortion (vox ac 30) and sometimes my other amps distortion (Ampeg SS 140-c) with the proco turbo rat with some rackmounted gear. Any ideas for REALLY good tone?

i dont. I use amp distortion. On accasion i'll use a tube screamer or rat to give it a slightly different texture, but I always depend on amp distortion. Pedal distortion never sounds as good as amp distortion.

Dude, if you have an ss-140-c, lose the pedals.
Go bass 5, mids 8, treble 5, gain as high as you like. That amp fuckin crushes.
Originally Posted by Dahmers Fridge
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