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yous is all to be handicapables....... you cannot even realize that i am paddy......

your are all to fish bottomed to under stand......... eat your mothers faggot pussies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

excreter....... you is the asshats,you mother wear your anus like a top hat when she go to faggot parties to find mens with loose anus that she can drink from........ she likes to taste the cum,shits and man-lemonades.........

P.S. Fuck Liverpool FC, Liverpool the city and Liverpool's residents. Also Sweden.

P.P.S. Paddy has a cock which is not unlike a python, except in respect to the fact that it only has one eye and no teefs. It does, however, have a 12" forked tongue which he can flick out at will. He can lick your fuckin' womb, ladies. Call him!

I'm off to commit suicide, so I shall not be posting ever again. EVER!

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