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Originally Posted by
exumed and gomly..........i listen to your band,the first was good,not iwressled standard but i would like to hear it..... the 2nd was good,but i dont think this band is metaltab band..... i perhaps say too much about talentless metabtab users,but your tastes is still bad if you don like iwressled.......

paddy..... you mock my linguage skills and my typing skills,but may be you only do to this because you feel small and week.....and also because you have a face like a mans fat balls !!!!!!!!!

srsly,your faces like ballsacks and elbows....your own mother wont like to kiss you! she like instead to kiss the neigborhood faggots.......and to let the dog fart up her pussies ....... her pussie farts smelled like boiled eggs and cabbages..........

your a fucking pigbrain........ i hate the internets because of guys like you..... you think your so smarts???? your irish iq make you sound like gorge bush turds when they go plop in the water.........

i hope to you die of cancer,and you fat mother to pussieshit into your grave to make sure your dead........... her pussieshits used by japanese to comit quick death rather than to drown......

You have got some serious issues if these are your responses to the subjective opinions of people you don't know. You really do sound like a 12 year old boy whose first forays into adolescence are to become androgenous and obtain an ironic haircut.

You haven't even explained why you like IWABO beyond the ridiculous argument that "theyz more technical11 than you, lol" and even with this statement you are completely ignorant of the fact that technicality is a property of a musician's accomplishment of his or her instrument, not of musical constructs such as melody, harmony and phrasing.
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