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Originally Posted by Dyldo
Heh, I didn't think about searching in the gear and recording forum for ebow stuff.. some mod I am. Yeah I think I'm most definitely going to get one off ebay. I'd like to get one of the newer ones with the extra switch on it that makes the note ring a harmonic or whatever. If I get any good at it, Pads, I'll make a little video or something demonstrating shit.
That's the one I have; the harmonic setting is fucking great, especially if you get some extra effects going on with it. I think I paid nearly 60 for mine (about $100) which was kinda expensive, I thought. Hopefully the price has dropped in the intervening years.

And to be honest, I was just paying you lip service - if you can actually master a device which has two switches on it I'll eat my own pussy.
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