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Originally Posted by Gomli
Hmmm to me his shit makes sense. Well yeah his theories about the sexuality of man are pretty discussable, but the thesis about psychosomatic symptoms and psychological traumas are pretty good I think.
I'm not that informed about todays important psychologists. Any names I can do research on?

It's in Berlin. Not destroyed because it's an evidence in his case

Yeah, he wasn't all complete nonesense and he definitely pushed the development in the field. Check out Aaron T. Beck. He rules.


Originally Posted by blitz906
HOLY FACK! It's unfortunate the video isn't available This song would have made an excellent soundtrack to edit into the video.
I'm sure Gomli knows the lyrics

Any chances of the video being released to the public after the trial? Probably not any time soon, but sometimes evidence such as videos and photos become public domain after a certain amount of time (usually decades.)

A good example is the security footage of the Columbine shootings. Only a few minutes of the video was ever released to the public (the cafeteria footage) but there is much more that is locked away. Some of the unseen footage includes students being shot (some at point-blank range) and the library footage of the two gunmen committing suicide. The judge ordered that the footage is not to be released to the public for 20 years. That was decided in 1999, so it will be released in 8 years. I wonder why he decided 20 years, or why it will even be released at all? I don't want to see the innocent students being killed, but I've had a very odd curiosity to see the suicide footage ever since I saw the two photos of their bodies in a newspaper when I was 11. That footage would definitely make the Budd Dwyer video obsolete!

I think the thought behind it being released is the public has a right to see what happened, and I agree with that pretty much. The two decades wait is probably to let the pain and shock subside as much as possible. I personally don't want to see it, but I probably will out of morbid curiosity when it comes out. Fuck, I remember the day that happened, it was surreal. And I don't think anything will make that Budd Dwyer obsolete. Something about that footage makes me feel really, really uncomfortable. Just with the cold quickness he did it, how he did it, the good quality of the footage, and watching the life just drop out of his body.

Totally missed this: Jesus. Much like the Fritz children, I can't even begin to imagine how much therapy and help they'll need to even become remotely normal. I don't even know if that's possible. Its really incredible how much damage you can do to a person's psyche and I think heavier sentences (read: life) should be put into place when children are involved as you've essentially fucked them for live.
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