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Originally Posted by Gomli
Yeah but I think it's boring
Check out :
Fritz Haarmann (classic) | Warte noch ein Weilchen, dann kommt Haarmann auch zu dir...

Armin Meiwes | SICK SICK SICK bastard. Cut off the penis of a dude and ate it together with him

YOU'RE BORING! I think I really like it because of its peculiar evidence, paranormalness and unsolvedendence. I actually don't really believe in ghosts or much paranormal shit, but I find the idea and stories fascinating.

I had never heard of this Armin Meiwes fellow. Pretty interesting. What I find more interesting, however, is the psychology that goes on in someone who wants to be eaten and goes that far with it. Where does it come from? Why? How prevalent is such a condition?
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