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You're a pair of obnoxious cunts. The guy posts a genuine, unpretentious classified ad looking for like minded people and all you can do is mock his honesty and his lack of interest in being "cool" or "respected" or "creative" or "an individual" or "artistic" or "credible" or "a musician" or "something other than a deluded karaoke machine playing the hits of cunts". FUCK the two of you.

Unfortunately I'm not in your area, hungarian789, but I wish you all the best and I hope you can ignore the haters. If they start getting to you, just think forward to your next gig, which will probably be attended by literally tens of people who really like Godsmack tribute acts. The last gig the two cunts above me played at was made up entirely of passers-by after unplugging their headphones from their amps and opening their bedroom windows.

Seriously though, nothing wrong with having some fun and fucking around with your favourite band's set list. I just don't think you'll find a whole lot of Godsmack fans on this particular forum.
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