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Originally Posted by Gomli
Not really. 500g about $7
Fuck, bargain!

Originally Posted by Gomli
Man hti is probably the disease that brought me into the topic of pathology etc. (along with Carcass of course...). It's just extremely fascinating how your body can deform by those soooooo small parts of your cells
I've been quite fascinated by this sort of thing too, a fascination which began around about the same day I met you

I found a clip on YouTube of Omayra Sánchez (article above) and I'm holding back tears...

Omayra Sánchez: "Please, I want to say some words"
Male voice: "Yes, go ahead"
Omayra Sánchez: "Mother, if you are listening, I think you are. Pray so I can walk and these people can help me. Mama, I love you very much; papa, brother. Goodbye mother."

Jesus Christ. I hope I have the balls this kid had when I'm about to die.

EDIT: Added your suggestions Dylster.
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