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You ever heard of this one, Gomli?: I love that one.

I love a lot of the uber-paranormal ones, silly or not, like this one:

There are a couple favorites I used to have but cant fucking remember the names for the life of me. One was about some Polish (or was he French? Might have been French) dude back in the early 20th century that had some extremely rare condition where he had to constantly gorge himself with food every few hours and if he didn't, he'd begin to starve. In his most desperate times he was known to eat herds of cats (usually while alive), screws, clothing, and even once, allegedly, a baby (a hospital he was staying at had a baby go missing. He was skinny, too. If anyone can find me this I will be forever in love with them.

EDIT: Paddy helped me find it and, another:

Another great one was about some house in the midwest (I believe) that had some really interesting extraterrestrial activity. Err.
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