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Originally Posted by Gomli
Man I buy coffee from them on a regular base to help them
Fuck, I bet it's expensive!

Originally Posted by Gomli
Another add-worth article (again medicine. . . I`m soooooo into this topic )

Ectopia cordis | You get fuckin born with your fuckin heart on the outside of your body. FUCK

List of Phobias | Self-explaining
Added like a biatch mofo.

My dad is a retired nurse who worked primarily with deformed and educationally subnormal kids, so he's given me a few things to look up.

The first is Harlequin-type ichthyosis, but the article doesn't contain any actual pictures, so here are a few (they're pretty horrendous; be prepared):

I saw this defect on a gore site at first - a home video showing close-ups of a baby with this condition. I assumed it was fake for many years. Here's a similar video clip: [Kinda upsetting]

Donohue syndrome, aka Leprechaunism, is added too. Again, no pics in the article, so here are a couple (nothing too upsetting here):

Hurler syndrome is something I experienced first hand, a few kids in my neighbourhood had it and they were well-known/loved by pretty much everyone and were quite happy/contented all the time. Kids with this condition don't live too long though, I still remember when each of them died. Life's rather unfair.

Apert syndrome is added too, which causes malformation of the skull.

Encephalocele, aka cranium bifidum, is when the baby is born with its brain on the outside. Article added!
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