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Everyone complaining about Sheen are a bunch of fucking pussies.

There are only two people who give a shit about Charlie Sheen right now; a. people who have taken advantage of another celebrity on a purported "collapse" phase to get up on their high horses and hypocritically judge that celebrity by a set a morals he/she doesn't even fucking live by and, b. people who are simply jealous because of the way he/she lives. Most are guilty of both.

The best part is he's right. He's winning. Granted, he isn't living life the way I want to or the way I would if I had his money and resources, but he's living exactly how he wants to. If he doesn't care how that affects his lifespan, neither should any of you. He wants to live fast and he's doing just that. People are just being judgmental because they aren't wealthy or talented or courageous enough to live life the way they truly want to. Not that Charlie Sheen is talented, but he sure is wealthy. He's wealthy and he's winning at life.

Winner: Charlie Sheen, RD 4, TKO.
Trust in god, he'll give you shoes!
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