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Originally Posted by MetalThrashingMad
Well they're not too particularly fond of you either!! Obituary made MDF their bitch last year. That MA/Obituary/Atheist lineup is epic too. Fuck

I find Obituary one of the top 5 most boring death metal bands I've ever heard, but two things; a. I might enjoy them more live, and b. I'd sit through 6 hours of Justin Bieber, Toby Keith, and Nickelback just to see Morbid Angel play for an hour. No fucking joke, I really do want to see them that bad. Not to mention I LOVE Atheist and like Death Angel, too.

I was just trying to get Dyldipshit to look on the bright side; that although he missed the show, at least I don't particulary enjoy Obituary. Why do you see the glass half empty, Steve? WHY?!

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