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Originally Posted by Dyldo
You really cannot go wrong with a Sure 57. I've used it on dozens of recordings (including this one with out any fancy pre-amp (just into a Firepod interface which does have one, but nothing top of the line). The S57 will only run you around $120 and with good mixing and leveling will work great. Lots of professional studios use them quite often.

But how you mic has a lot to do with it. I find placing the mic directly in front of the cone as closely as possible and then recording two tracks and panning them makes a nice "full" sound.

What interface are you using to run the mics in?

I just got a TASCAM 2488 24-track Digital Recording workstation
Ive spent alot of time in studios paying out of my pocket and I thought to myself some self knowledge about recording would go along way and save money in the long run. Considering the unit that I just bought was 799, not to bad really. So I'm really looking for a good basic setup for a home studio.
Drum mics, Guitar Mic Ect I have had some experince with recording on a 4-track tape recorder I think I would record 2 guitar passes and then a bass pass and a drum machine pass, that was when i was just starting to get in to recording my own music and didnt really have experince or the money. I noticed with the 4-track that if you pan either guitar pass to right and one on the left it would make the track sound full. Dose this same principle appy with the digital age? Also Will I be able to make a Clean pass on just one track with out it bleeding into another track while playing back the orignal track and while recording another guitar track ect.
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