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After my Static-X tribute band Tragic-Hex folded a few months ago, I started a Mushroomhead tribute band called Mushrümhed with a couple of the guys from Tragic-Hex. Alas, we can't find a decent bassist. I know how you guys feel! Keep at it, though! The satisfaction you'll receive expressing the artistic accomplishments engineered entirely by the ingenuity and emotion of other people will make it WELL worth it in the end!

I was actually thinking of retooling the band, you know. Aim the music of Mushroomhead at a younger audience, maybe infuse it with some nursery rhymes, and change the name to Mushwümhed. I was worried, however, that by going out a limb and blending actually artistic integrity with covers of songs I didn't write that I wouldn't be able to market someone else's music in a profitable way. These decisions can be tough, bro.
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