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Actually, I liked (and still like) all the prominent grunge bands of the era, of which I'd probably consider Nirvana my least favorite. Soundgarden and AIC rotate heavily in a lot of my playlists, while STP and Nirvana get about equal amounts of love as each other, but less than the two former bands. Less significant bands of the era and a few post-grunge bands (i.e. Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Bush, Silverchair, Foo Fighters, Toadies) get occasional play, as well.

As far as the lack of wall in that wall of text, totally my fault, Rich. It's been too long since people had real conversations and/or flame wars on here; indeed, too long since I've talked to anyone on a forum who had the reading comprehension and attention span to actually READ a real wall of text for me to even remember what one looks like, anymore. It's a sorry state of affairs, I'm afraid.
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