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Originally Posted by PST 88
You may have it backwards with regards to taste-buds. Liking things that are commonly regarded as bland doesn't necessarily mean you have a more nuanced palate, since it's equally likely that you just have a plain old boring one. Which is fine.

Salmon are perfectly sustainable, and good organic salmon farms are increasingly abundant (Le Bernardin serves farmed salmon and they're arguably the best seafood restaurant in the world, so hewing to line-caught there is becoming increasingly pretentious).

Anybody who's had to clean swordfish pretty much loses any desire to eat the things, at least in my experience. In New England, so long as you refuse to accept any swordfish that haven't grown to maturity, you could fairly easily avoid clearing them out, however. It's just most people don't, y'know, give a fuck.

I still do eat a lot of salmon, just less than smaller, more farmable fish. I actually like all fish I've ever tried, though I've developed something of a distaste for Cod; not because it's terrible, but probably because it was a childhood staple food (read: cheap, welfare fish), I ate it more than I would have preferred, and my mother couldn't (and can't) cook for shit. When I'm in the gym more, I readily eat tuna straight out of the can, usually about two per day. I stick with the chunk light to avoid mercury issues, but I know that's still a little too much fish.

On a related note, I also love to eat pussy, which is regularly compared to fish. I never found the taste nor smell particularly comparable, though. I always thought cervical mucous more closely resembled saliva in smell. In fact, I salivate a lot when I run; outside this isn't a problem, but on my treadmill, I have to keep a cup around like a chaw dipper to rid myself of spit so I can breathe properly. This cup invariably smells like vagina by the time I'm done running. Please retain this mental image. Disgusting, isn't it? THEN WHY DO I HAVE A FUCKING BONER?!

As far as swordfish goes, I'm pretty hard to gross out. I really don't give a shit what's in there; I'll assume that they're fine by the time they reach my local deli and/or supermarket. I'm one of those people that don't mind that a certain amount of live rats and rat droppings are legally allowed into vats at food processing plants; as far as I'm concerned, it's not enough of the rat for me to taste, and it's not enough of the rat to make me sick, and I'm not going to be offended (or disgusted) on the principle alone that a molecule of rat made it's way into my dinner.
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