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You call that a wall of text? Man, back in the day, that's be like the briefest message you'd ever get out of me. If Paddy were here, he'd spend more time describing his morning stool than you did delineating the historical accident that is herpetology, and use more 'niggas.' Fortunately, Ginger is not here.

You still like Nirvana because Nirvana is awesome. You're struggling with the cognitive dissonance of liking them because your current standards of good music have more to do with easily qualitative aspects of a band than something like 'awesome,' and since Nirvana doesn't meet those standards you can't understand why they're so good, and have to ascribe it to nostalgia. But it isn't. Sheer nostalgia won't do it; there has to be something there. And that something is awesome.
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