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Originally Posted by Wolfsherz
This vid has a Nile t-shirt in it so I'm sure you'll appreciate it. Also check my technical as fuck left hand at like 3.13

I can't tell if you'll be offended but I hear a mild Opeth-ness in there. But coming from me that is a compliment. I want a good recording of that song! GIVE IT TO ME.

If you ever come to Cali immediately get in touch with me if you want to play a show with some local LA metal bands.

fo sho

DISCLAIMER: Ian's promises might be exaggerated.
Originally Posted by PST 88
The bottom of that 'Don't Click' picture is one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. 'No, I really DO have a vagina! It's right here!'

Blackwater (Friend's Metal Band)

R.I.P Paddy. My dear and loving father will never be forgotten.
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