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Originally Posted by johnmansley
I still love Nirvana.

Me too. I don't even know why. It's so shitty and repetitive. Must be a nostalgic thing.

Originally Posted by PST 88
Do you mean 'What the fuck happened to Paddy to make him such an execrable excuse for a human being, even by the admittedly lowered standards of the Ginger Irish?'

Repeatedly molested by clowns is my guess. Both as a child and an adult, of course. Why he keeps inviting them over is anyone's guess.

Originally Posted by PST 88
or 'What the fuck happened to Paddy to keep him from lowering the general level of green screen discourse with his Ginger inanity?'?

Who cares, as as long as he's gone. I don't know who's fucking idea it was to make that idiot a mod, anyway. Fuck all y'all.

Originally Posted by PST 88
This is for Chris. You suck, and your whole field of study sucks.

That don't even make no sense, nigga! FIRST OF ALL CAPS, BIRDS ARE REPTILES, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, NIGGA! Lizards and snakes didn't evolve from no winged ancestors, son! Why niggas gotta hate? Mark ass tricks running their mouths, birds be chirping they bullshit, but that's all it is. That's for real, son. That shit's for real.

The scientific community has known that birds are rooted within the Reptilia for at least 50 years now (you could even argue since the discovery of Archaeopteryx 150 years ago). As far as I've been able to tell, it's strictly for historic reasons that birds retain their own separate field of study and that turtles, lepidosaurs, and non-avian archosaurs (crocodilians), and the distantly related amphibians are all dumped into one giant field of study. "Herpetology", as I see it, was just a way for pioneering biologists to dump all the gross, scary, icky, and green advanced vertebrates into one field where most of them could be ignored by everyone except weirdos.

More properly, the so-called "class" Aves might more properly be demoted to an order and paired up in cladograms of the extant Reptilia with the order Crocodilia. In fact, all modern cladograms and phylogenetic trees DO pair up Aves with Crocodilia, but still refer to Aves as a class.

You shouldn't have posted that comic if you didn't want this wall of text to follow, nigga.
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