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Just read the press release on the Summer tour that will include Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit and I'll be damned, it also included the new album title and release date. The new album will be called, "St. Anger" and will be released on June 10.

I don't like the idea of the Mighty Met touring with talentless hacks anymore than you guys do, but remember this is the new METALLICA ALBUM DISCUSSION THREAD, so save your bitching and whining for either the Tours/Concerts forum or another message board of your choice.

I'll say it one more time for you dense fucks out there, DO NOT DISCUSS THE SUMMER METALLICA TOUR IN HERE.

I hope we're clear now.

As for the title, I dig it. I love how new album titles take awhile to sink in, because all you have to go by are the albums that came before it and in this case the last one was 5 years ago and titled, "Re-Load" for Christ's sake. Cool title, glad to hear the album is dropping fairly soon as well.

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