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New Rule:

Hit and run band threads are tolerable only if they're honest. If you want to post a thread about your band and then leave again that's fine by me (despite the fact that the above rules explicitly state otherwise), but don't come here acting like you've found this great new band on Myspace/Facewank, exalting the masterful guitar work and blowing hot air about how popular and groundbreaking it is, if the band is in fact just you suffering from some sort of third-person megalomania. We're mods with access to your email and IP addresses, it doesn't take much to figure this shit out. Even without exercising our mod powers we can simply Google parts of your post or your band's URL to see if it's been copied and pasted elsewhere in a similar fashion. If that turns out to be the case you'll be banned for spamming (and for being a creepy fucker) and your thread will be heavily edited in an extremely inappropriate manner.
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