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Originally Posted by Transient
yeah dude. i was all about gorguts - obscura in the early 200s and nobody could care less. and now i just sold my cd of it for like 35 bucks and there are hundreds of bands in that style. i read an interesting article about composers and artists who baffle the audience. it usually comes out that they were about 10 years ahead of their time - so people end up liking it later on. now thats not the case for suffocation because that albums almost 20 years old and its in keeping with their style but hey. and did you hear anomalistic offerings? they re-recorded it as a japanese bonus track

Definitely. Loved it. So far they've nailed 2 of my three favorite songs off that album; Prelude to Repulsion and Marital Decimation. Here's hoping Ornaments of Decrepancy is next. I'm fairly certainly they'll end up re-recording the whole album as bonus tracks and b-sides eventually. They've already done half of it.
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