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Sure I use anti virus for the mac, it's just so damn rare to see anything truly harmful come along that you have it more for the fact that you'd feel like a complete idiot if you did get hit.
But you're a lot safer with a mac. First off it's a lot harder to go viral with anything hitting mac, because Apple is still only like 10% of the market. Plus, macs don't carry around the fat, bloated hole riddled piece of embarrassment known as kernel32. Not to mention, you don't have admin access by default when starting the computer, instead you open that with a password when doing installs. So it's not enough to download something bad, you usually have to punch in a code yourself before anything actually gets into the system. Aaaaand, the power of open source shines through, since whenever someone do try to exploit a weakness you have hundred of thousands of little geeks all around the world instantly jumping to their Unix directory and start coding counter measures. Did I mention the fact that you don't have to worry about IE and good ole' friendly Active X either? You don't, you know.

Damn. I'm a mac geek, what am I.

Haha, by the way, I just have to mention this, since you brought up being aware of where you're going. One of the worst, most malicious virus attacks ever in Sweden was originally planted in the official home page of a small city. Anyone visiting (with IE, mind you) became incubators and two days later BLAM, thousands of computers whacked. And it was all traceable back to the home page of what might very well be the most inconspicuous, harmless human settlement on the face of the Earth.
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