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Peer Guardian doesn't block your IP address, it blocks other people's, thus preventing snooping fuckers like the MPA from connecting to you assuming your blocklists are updated regularly. If you want to mask your IP address there are ways of doing it via proxy servers and the like, but if you get caught downloading illegally the proxy server owners will hand your real IP address/ISP over to the companies who discovered you were sharing copyrighted material. In other words, they're not that helpful in the long run.

I use Blocklist Manager to update the ipfilter.dat file used by uTorrent and eMule (and lots of other clients of a similar nature). It downloads long lists of IP addresses known to belong to cunts, and the lists are generally updated every day. I also import my existing ipfilter files from uTorrent and eMule and combine their contents with the updated lists downloaded by Blocklist Manager before exporting them to my uTorrent and eMule directories. This ensures that the IP address these two programs have accumulated themselves are preserved.

Peer Guardian is another option, but this works more like a real-time firewall than a simple list. It prevents IP addresses from connecting to you or being reached by you, and I've always found myself unable to browse certain sites because of it. It's not worth the effort. It does, however, provide you with more blocklists you can import into the Blocklist Manager one. Jut run it, update its lists, then close it before running Blocklist Manager. Because the ipfilter.dat file is only used by the P2P client itself it doesn't affect browsing or anything else.
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