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I'm not a big user of glass top stoves, but they certainly don't seem like they'd be good for use with a cast-iron, what with the lack of direct heat and all.

Our forefathers used to scrape grime off their teeth with salt or sand on a daily basis. They are experts on nothing. That said, I'll admit that a cast-iron is probably the most useful searing pan imaginable and the best pan out there for cooking fish, especially skin-on fish. But they're not nearly as multi-use as stainless steel, and are downright shitty for certain tasks.

I'd still use the same heat-up-and-scrape-off method for when you get goobers on the pan; every restaurant that's worth a damn that I've been inside the kitchen of does the same (admittedly, they can generate more heat than you can). You're not doing it any favors by washing it at all.
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