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It's not as effective if you use a non-stick, since a non-stick doesn't build up as much fond (i.e. stuck on bits of the protein you were just searing), but don't let the name 'non-stick' fool you. It doesn't mean that things literally will not stick; if you don't have an adequate amount of fat (oil, butter, rendered bacon fat, whatever) in your pan, or don't get the pan and the fat properly hot, then things will stick in a non-stick just like in any other pan. You just don't need to get it as hot as a steel pan, or treat it as fussily as a cast iron one, but it's not magical.

Now, because it doesn't really build up a nice fond like you might want to, a non-stick pan is a specialized tool, good for egg cookery and searing certain fragile types of fish, and not for everyday use.
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