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There's this floating fish shop on a bay I live maybe 20ish minutes from that's family owned and has fresh daily catches for great prices. Me and 5 other people bought 2 pounds of clams, 6 fillets of sole, lobster, and 2 pounds of scallops for around $100ish. The only local things we had this weekend though were the clams and lobster, but its still a great deal. I cooked up the sole with a Parmesan glaze (is it a glaze? I don't know. I mix some shit in a bowl and then brush it on half way through its broiling session) and my friends girlfriend seared the scallops in this fucking awesome wine broth. The clams were just grilled until opened and the lobster boiled. I also boiled the lobster but felt like a dick when I realized that I forgot to put it in head first. I then remembered a fish monger once told me that lobsters don't have nervous systems so I felt less bad. Please don't disprove that, Chris.
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