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In response to Pr0az's post in the Movies thread:

You need to subscribe to a Usenet server and then find a website which indexes files on the sever, and you download .NZB files from there and load them into a Usenet client. I highly recommend the following:

Server: Usenet Server []
Website: NZBMatrix []
Client: Alt.binz []

The server is one of the cheapest but I've been using it for several years and it's worked perfectly the entire time; I always get full download speeds and rarely have any connection issues.

The NZBMatrix website is practically free - you just pay a one-off fee of 2 or whatever the equivalent is in your currency and you get a lifetime membership. is the most popular website, but it requires a monthly subscription and to be honest it doesn't have as many files as NZBMatrix. You're really only paying of special website functionality which you probably won't use anyway.

The Alt.binz client is free, but the last free version is a few years old. It works perfectly though. There are other clients which aren't free but finding a cracked version of them which doesn't contain a trojan is tricky and not worth the effort - Alt.binz rules.

Before signing up you should acquaint yourself with the concepts of Usenet, because if you're coming to it fresh from P2P it's a bit unusual. Here's a quick run down of how it works:

Someone uploads files onto Usenet. Your server provides you with access to those files. If you want to download them easily, however, you need to use an indexing site like NZBMatrix, which is like a search engine for the files which reside on the server (it's the same as your ISP giving you access to the internet and Google helping you find the sites you want). These sites package the files and arrange them in an intuitive way (most files are segmented using WinRAR, and the indexing sites gather all of the separate parts into one place for you, etc.). You can download the entire package's .NZB file or chose specific files to download from within the package. The .NZB file is usually quite small (it's like using BitTorrent in that respect) and then you load these into your client. The client goes through your Usenet server account and downloads the files for you. There's no uploading or seed ratios involved.

Another aspect of Usenet you won't have encountered with P2P is the need to repair corrupted archives and files. This is done using a program called QuickPar. When you download lots of segmented archives for a movie there are also PAR2 files included - these are the recovery volumes used by QuickPar. You usually don't need these, but sometimes you do (I don't download them until I'm sure I need them, saving myself plenty of bandwidth). If you find that you get errors when extracting an archive run the included PAR2 file which will then start QuickPar, which then checks each volume for corruption. If it finds any it'll use the larger PAR2 files to repair them. Click here for a more detailed overview of how this shit works.

All of this sounds like a lot of hard work, but trust me it's pretty easy once you get the concepts down and it makes being a pirating cunt so fucking easy/safe.

So, you'll need:

A Usenet server []
An indexing site []
A Usenet client [Alt.binz]
QuickPar []
WinRAR or similar
HJSplit for joining files WinRAR can't []

Further reading:
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