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I don't see what a lack of keyboard tabs has to do with the creation of a keyboard forum. Personally I couldn't give a fuck either way, but there are probably plenty of people here who play and would therefore discuss keyboarding, even if they don't tab. I mean, how many threads about guitar tabs are in the Guitar forum? They're all threads about general playing/technique, tunings, buying new gear, repairing gear, advice, inspiration, practise regimes and so on.

The Tabs subforum itself would be the most likely place to discuss keyboard tabs, as well as all other tabs, so a keyboard forum wouldn't necessarily benefit from hundreds of keyboard tabs even if they existed, just as the guitar, bass and drum forums don't benefit from a high number of guitar, bass and drum tabs, given how little tabs and tabbing are discussed there.

I also don't believe that the lack of tabs shows a lack of interest in keyboarding. I think it instead shows that keyboard tabs are pretty shitty to play from - and a nightmare to create - and most keyboardists would prefer standard notation, which they'd most likely get elsewhere. If we could start uploading images or PDFs of standard notation for keyboards I imagine the number of available tabs would sky-rocket. ASCII keyboard tabs shouldn't really exist, frankly.

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