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Inspired by a girl who lost her passion but never told me what's what could've happened:

Once in love with the world
But now she feels so numb about everything
People disgust her
She lost her passion

Such emptiness inside of her
Who can fill it
Who can bring passion back into her

Maybe a new love
Maybe a lost love
Maybe just a poem

One person can give you the world
And sometimes that same person can take it away
Is that what happened to her

Can a poem turn your world upside down
Can a poem fill ur emptiness
Can just a few words change your life completely
Is that what happened to her

Her face was an art
Her smile was like summer
And her eyes were like spring
Now the face is not an art anymore
And her smile is an autumn breeze
And here eyes cold as winter freeze

Comment!!! ~ˇLMSˇ~
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