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I got all tuition fees paid, the personal phone number to every astronaut corps recruitment manager in the world, a large christmas card with the text "Bon Voyage (Soon!)", and a round of looks of mixed frantic hope and nervous anxiety. The orange, Brazilian gnome on my left shoulder (not the one on the right, he's just telling me to burn things, but I don't listen to it, he's not real, and I never listen to him even when he whispers at night, but that's no problem because he's not really there) keeps telling me it all probably is somehow connected to last years presents. A bicycle with a dynamite driven headlight, new clothes that I think must have been some sort of Royal Air Force uniforms and a picnic at a big nice field, and a large main battle tank with a curious u-bend in the armor penetrating shell flinging cannon. But I don't get what he's on about. Anyway, we all had a blast, as usual.
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