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6 dogs? Aww HELL naw! You didn't invite PST to cook for you guys again did ya? "I prefers me some free range mutts for ma' puddin's!" 'cause that's how I imagine PST talks.

Crystals can indeed have healing powers. As long as the crystal is made of medicine as opposed to enchanted coloured glass, but I'm guessing your aunt ain't no pharmacist. As if any of the rotting black cancerous fruit hanging from your family tree could ever amount to anything beginning with a "ph".

Well, it's officially Christmas here. And I'm off to bed to get in a few wanks before Santa arrives with my Cosby Show boxset.

May you all die of car crashes on the snowy roads, but not so many that it becomes significant enough to warrant a TV movie. In the event of MY death which will almost certainly warrant a Hollywood blockbuster I want to be played by Cuba Gooding Junior, possibly Jean Claude Van Dam, but definitely not Colin Farrell even though we look quite similar*.

* fuck PS "Ginger" T.
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