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* Most Irritating Member - I pretty much just talk to Dydlonic and Ginger on here, so I guess one of them
* Least Irritating N00b - L'B
* Everyone's Favorite Little Bitch - I know I'm repeating myself, but I honestly don't pay attention to what most of you guys post.

* Most Unreasonable Nazi Arsehole - Cumboy. Scouse is the new Nazional Socialism
* Most attractive - Jim. I've met him and Dyldo both in person, and one was a heaping bag of pussing wounds, and the other was Australian.

* Best Avatar - mine, courtesy of Ginger
* Best Signature - Dyldo's, after I fixed it
* The "Where Are They Now?" Award, for the most conspicuous absence. - Chris. I know where Jim is, and he's too busy to talk to you
* The Keyballs Award, for biggest gap between online machismo and real life. - Dyldo, not because he's overtly macho but because there is a gaping hole where his balls should be. A gaping, prolapsed asshole.
* Most likely to go to hell - Paddy. Because Gingers are the Midwich Cuckoos, but without any of the hive mind capabilities. That I'm aware of.

And the Big Ones:
* Best Flaming of 2009 - 09, eh?
* Biggest Cunt - L'b's, because bobpurgis went through there, and he's enormous.
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